WHAT IS Martiply ?

Martiply is an inventory platform which doesn't only help you manage your inventory but expose your products to consumers.

One big challenge for local stores is informing potential buyers of its product lineup. The way to do so has long relied on flyers and catalogs which let's face it, more often than not go straight to trash bin. On the other hand buyers don't always know which store sells what they want to buy. As a consequence they have to brave bad traffic going from one store to another looking for it.

We bridge the two sides with Martiply integrated platform: stores can upload their inventory which is automatically exposed to buyers in the area who use the client app to look for items. It greatly simplifies the way a store expands its visibility while at the same helping buyers get their items quickly. What could be better than a win-win solution ?

Our features are

How the app works

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This is how your inventory looks on the client app.
A user enters an item and stores in the neighborhood that sell it will be displayed on a map. From there user may access your store page and browse the other items.
The more inventory a store uploads, the more exposure it will have in the area.

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